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ReadTree, share your “personal journal”.

Have you ever been worried that your life is to repetitive…go to work, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed and repeat? Don’t get me wrong I am truly grateful for having a job in this economy; however, this does mean we have to shut down our minds and halt our self-development or business knowledge as individuals.

To continue my education I used to read books, reflect and write my thoughts in a personalĀ  journal. These thoughts go unchallenged and invalidated. The goal of ReadTree is to provide a place to share our “personal journals” and learn from each other point of views.

Each month a book will be selected based on recommendations from successful business professionals: CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors. etc.

Please feel free to discuss, debate or simply put your thoughts on “paper”.

The June Book of the month has been posted!

Thanks everybody…

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