Free Gift Defense. Disarming the Reciprocity Rule

Influence- The Psychology of Persuasion

Cialdini’s description of salesman using cheap gifts to activate an individual’s belief in The Reciprocity Rule made me realize I have been approaching situations like this incorrectly my whole life. The act of turning down a salesman’s pitch and accepting a free gift may seem like a win but there could be a negative effect to this decision and that is knowing you are in debt to this individual.

However, you can keep the gift and eliminate this indebtedness feeling.

A slight adjustment to your outlook of the situation may reverse a deep cultural behavior tied to reciprocity. Simply remember, “favours are to be met with favours; it does not require that tricks be met with favours.” Using the “trick” of the free gift as an chance to capitalize on an opportunity without guilt was a main takeaway for me from this book.

Is this a true and relevant issue in today’s sales world?

Have you been in a similar situation?

Were you able to disarm?

Feel free to post any other thoughts you may have on this book.


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